From the US and Canada call (561) 295-8815
International 011-52-415-152-0659
When in San Miguel de Allende call 152-0659
We normally fill the schedule about 3 days in advance so be sure to
contact us as soon as you know the dates and times you will be in
San Miguel de Allende to secure you space on the court.

You can schedule time by phone,
email, or by walk in.

If you want to find a pick-up game or have our
on staff instructors
play a few sets with you, just ask and we will arrange it for you. We
will try to match up players based on skill levels and itinerary. Drop
us a line with the dates you will be in San Miguel and your
Skill Level (if known) and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Schedule Court Time - Reserve Early
San Miguel de Allende
Guanajuato Mexico
Weber Tennis Courts
With Three Courts open 12 hours daily there are 36
opportunities to play each day.